adoption agency atlanta ga adoption agency atlanta ga adoption agency atlanta ga
adoption agency atlanta ga

adoption agency atlanta ga

adoption agency atlanta ga

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Are You Pregnant and
Not Sure What To Do?

 We Can Help


We are Georgia AGAPE,
a licensed, non-profit, Christian child-placing agency.

We've been helping women find
loving, Christian homes for their babies since 1970.

Call us today at 770-452-9995.

We can help.

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Important Information For Birth Mothers

Dear Birth Mother,

Unplanned pregnancies are challenging, to say the least. Questions quickly arise like:

What do I need to do? What do I need to know? And, where do I start?

While these times can be difficult and heart-wrenching, they can also be times of growth, and much good can result.

Where To Begin?

You may not know much about your options. Or, you may know what you want to do and you're ready to get started.

This website gives you all the basic information about adoption, your options and our agency. And we hope you'll give us a call - at 770-452-9995 - to learn everything you need to know. There's no obligation, and your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Why Choose AGAPE?

We've been helping women with unplanned pregnancies since 1970. We provide loving help and caring support. Ours is a non-profit, heart-centered, Christian mission where to manifest the love of God in all we do is our highest priority. Here you will find experienced professionals who will listen, answer your questions, and help you do what you choose to do.

We want what you want: what's best for you and your baby.

Give us a call at 770-452-9995.  And may God bless you in all your decisions ahead.

"You make the decisions, we help make them easier."

                                                                                                adoption agency atlanta 


Find A Loving, Christian Home For Your Baby

Over 40 Years of Helping Birth Mothers
We Understand Your Needs and Respect Your Confidentiality
Licensed, Professional, Non-Profit

Free Support
Assistance With Living, Legal and Medical Expenses
Free Counseling
Ability To Choose and Meet Adoptive Family

Georgia Based
Because We're Local, We Can Meet With You Immediately
(You Can Come To Our Office or We Can Come To You)

On-Line Adoption Resource Center
Everything You Need To Know About Adoption
Adoption Laws Have Recently Changed - Find Out How
Legal, Financial, Medical, Open Adoptions and More

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adoption agency atlanta ga

adoption agency atlanta ga

Frequently Asked Questions:

#1:  Pregnant?  Things To Do Right Away

#2:  The New Realities of Adoption

 #3:  Adoption - The Basic Facts

#4:  Why Choose Adoption

 #5:  Adoption Planning

#6:  Choosing The Right Agency

#7:  Decision Making

 #8: Do You Need Counseling?

#9:  Adoption Laws

#10:  Where To Go From Here

A Message From A Birth Mother

Georgia Agape
Celebrates 40 Years of Service


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