As individuals, we all experience difficulties as we navigate through life’s challenges.  Sometimes it takes help from others to guide us along the way or help us get over a personal hurdle.  Mental, emotional or other personal problems can keep us from functioning as we should.  We provide counseling for a wide array of personal issues.  Call us to see if we can help you.

Hours of Operation:
Daytime - Monday through Friday:
8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Evening - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:
until 9 p.m.

Counseling Fees:
Although our customary fees for professional counseling are $125 an hour, we offer reduced fees based on a sliding scale, taking into consideration family income. Our fees run from $30 to $125 an hour. We do accept some insurance plans.


To make an appointment or to talk to one of our licensed counselors, call

We all get down and sad at times.  This is a mild form of depression.  However, people dealing with depression which is intense, frequent and long lasting can greatly benefit from therapy.  Depression can be a serious illness that can cause major disruptions in an individual’s life. They impact the patient’s ability to interact with others, perform everyday tasks, work and lead a healthy, happy life.

We all experience anxiety from time-to-time.  For some, their emotional make-up causes them to be more prone to have bouts of deeper and longer lasting anxiety.  Prolonged anxiety that disrupts the normal routine of life may need to be treated.  Therapy can be a beneficial treatment for anxiety.

Adjustment to Life
As we go throughout life, various events or situations can arise which may throw us off balance and require us to make significant adjustments in order to live the way we want to live.  These events can be good situations or situations which can bring sadness or heartache.  Guidance and support from a professional therapist can help as we learn to cope and adjust to major changes.

Grief is the process one goes through when there is a significant loss in one’s life.  Grief is a complex reaction that involves the mind, body and emotions. Some losses can be very difficult to recover from for a variety of reasons.  Some people become stuck in their grief.  The understanding and support of a therapist who understands grief, loss, mourning and recovery can be very helpful. 

Trauma is a different mindset or behavior state resulting from a difficult or deep emotional experience.  Trauma can also look different from person-to-person depending on other factors relating to the individual.  Therapy helps the individual to deal with the specific experience and then deal with the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that follow.

Anger Management
For some, it can be difficult to control one’s anger response as a reaction to a provocation.  Anger can be creating many problems in one’s life, including problems with relationships, at work, and most every context. There is a solution.  You don’t have to be controlled by this emotion.

Our Director of Counseling

John M. McLain, LMFT, is our Director of Counseling and our main therapist.  He has many years of experience and has helped many individuals and families.  He is an “Approved Supervisor” by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, helping other therapists.  He is a certified facilitator for the “Prepare-Enrich” pre-marital assessment.  He is married and has six children, three of which are adopted.  John has had a wide variety of personal experiences, including being in foster care as a child.  He understands how difficult life can be at times.


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