Take Care...

It may be safe to say that many of you reading these words have already determined your “New Year’s Resolution”, a promise or goal that you set for yourself to start the new year in a fresh way. New Year’s Resolutions encompass a wide variety of things, including health, finances, spiritual life, careers and many, many others. There is no limit to the goals, or resolutions, that we set for ourselves.  The ugly truth, however, is that many of these goals will be thrown to the wayside and forgotten about by the end of 2018. The healthy choices made at the beginning of the year may be long forgotten by the end of the year. This isn’t to say that keeping a resolution isn’t doable. On the contrary! It can be extremely empowering to set a goal for yourself and work hard to reach that goal.

In determining your resolutions for the new year, I encourage you to take care. The literal definition of care is “the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something”. It can also mean “to feel concern or interest or attach importance to something”. It is a noun and a verb. It is something and something to do. Is this not what we try to do when we set resolutions? Whether it’s taking care of our spiritual walk, health, home, family, friends, career, self, etc.?

In Psalms, we are reminded to “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken”. What a powerful thing to know that we don’t have to go it alone, that we can share our cares with the Lord and be sustained. Many of you are making changes in your life already. You may be preparing for your next great thing! As you make your preparations, be sure to include He can actually help you reach your goals. Let Him help you take care.

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Foster Parent Impact Pre-service Training

Thousands of Georgia's children are faced with the scary transition of entering the foster care system. These kids have to deal with heavy amounts of confusion during this point in their lives. Have you ever felt the need to help but did not know what to do? What is the first step to learning more about the fostering process? Are you interested in learning some basic facts about becoming a foster parent and/or how you can make an impact on the life of a hurting child?  Georgia Agape has the answers to these questions. Please contact our Resource Development Coordinator, Sharalyn Donald by phone at (770) 452-9995 Ext 212 or through email at  to set up an information appointment to learn more.

The next Foster Parent IMPACT pre-service training with Georgia Agape is scheduled to begin Saturday January 5, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The class runs for 8 weeks which includes IMPACT Pre-Service Training,  CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) Training and CPR Certification. The training will take place at the Georgia Agape Office building located at 3094 Mercer University Dr. Suite 200, Atlanta Georgia 30341. If you have an interest in attending or would like more information please contact Sharalyn Donald at 770-452-9995 ext 212.


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Giving Tuesday is here!


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Giving Tuesday 2018

Remember Georgia Agape...









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50 by 50 Initiative


This year marks 50 years since the incorporation of Georgia Agape.  In honor and celebration of our incorporation and 50 years of service in 2020, we are launching our 50 by 50 campaign. For the next two years, each month via our website and communications, Georgia Agape will be requesting two unique items monthly to help with serving children  and families. We are asking our many supporters to help us in this milestone feat. Each item will assist us in meeting our 50 by 50 goal of 50 new foster families by our 50th year! With over 15,000 children in the care of the state, there could be no more perfect time to grow our Agape family. With your help, we are sure to meet and exceed our goal.

For November and December, our list is as follows:

November – Family activity certificates (movies, zoo, aquarium, museums, center for puppetry arts, etc) and family friendly restaurant gift cards.

December – NEW toy donations for playroom and Sponsor activities registration (karate, dance, sports)

If you are interested in donating items monthly, please reach out to us in the Agape office. Our point of contact for the first year of this mammoth initiative will be Kimberly Hardy-Johns who can be reached at (770) 452-9995. Please remember to check our Agape website at for our current drive requests.

If your heart is pulling you towards serving families via foster care or adoption, there is a great need. Please contact Sharalyn Donald, our Resource Development Coordinator, at or via phone at (770) 452-9995.

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