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Adoption is the permanent legal placement of a child with a qualified family. Agape provides adoption services for infant and special needs children.    

For our infant adoption program, adoption is a plan chosen by birth parents only after careful consideration of what is best for them and their child.

Birth parents are now more involved in the adoption process through a practice called “openness in adoptions.” The underlying principle here is a realization that adoption works best when the needs of everyone are met.Adoptive applicants at Agape are thoroughly screened and evaluated. They also go through an educational process that prepares them for the unique challenges of raising an adopted child.

Foster Care

Foster care is the placement of children with certified foster families for a temporary period of time. The goal of our foster care program is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children where their needs are met and planning for their future occurs.

The most common reasons for placement include child abuse and neglect, abandonment, parental drug addiction and parental instability. The age range of children served is primarily newborn to 18 years.  The greatest need is for families who will serve sibling groups of children and children with some special needs.

The majority of children are referred for placement by the Department of Family and Children Services.  Private placements are also accepted occasionally.

Foster parents at Agape are highly qualified and motivated. They go through an extensive screening, training and certification process. Professional caseworkers also work closely with the foster parents and each child in care.

Unplanned Pregnancy Maternity Support Services

1. Assistance with Community Resources and Services

2. Shelters

3. Women's Centers

4. Adoption Planning and Placement

5. Church Resources

6. Choice of Adoptive Family

7. Support for Parenting Option

8. Help in Anyway we Can