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Unplanned Pregnancy

Understand Your Options

Where to Begin?

You may have many questions, don't know much about your options or are uncertain about what to do right now. To understand the adoption option, you need a lot of information. However, there is nothing more helpful than talking about things with a knowledgeable person and having the give-and-take of asking questions and getting immediate answers. Often, one answer leads to other questions!

Possibly, you may be more clear and resolute - ready to get things going. Either way, the best option is to give us a call and let us begin to help you!

This website gives you much of the basic information you need about adoption, your options and our agency. We hope you'll give us a call at 770-452-9995.  We can help you understand everything you need to know so much better by discussing things! There's no obligation and your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

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Why Consider Adoption?

Adoption may not be the first choice that comes to your mind and that’s ok. But, it is a choice you have and it can offer you a chance at a “new” life. We believe adoption is a loving alternative to a difficult situation.

We know there are some in our society who look down on adoption and upon those who place children into adoptive homes. Some think that if mothers truly cared about their child, they would raise their child themselves. Some think that placing a child for adoption is like abandoning the child. We expect that possibly you have heard of these sentiments and others.

Unfortunately, this kind of pressure makes decision-making all the more difficult. In reality, these thoughts are the farthest from the truth and not at all reflective of what adoption is about.

Adoption is about love for children and putting the needs of children first.  We know that each birth mother makes her decision based on what is best for her child and places this consideration above her own personal feelings.

Women choose adoption for many reasons. Many know they will be great moms someday, but just are not ready to parent right now. Some already have children and don’t believe they can adequately provide for another one.

Adoption Is a Loving Option

Adoption is a loving option which places a child into the arms of an adoptive family who has longed to have a child. Adoptive families are prepared and motivated to do a great job of raising a child. They also have tremendous respect and appreciation for those who place their child in their home.

Choosing adoption involves the process of good decision-making. It involves objectively looking at options, weighing the pros and cons, searching the heart and considering one’s needs.  

It is important to realize that uneasy feelings are normal in any major decision-making process, especially something dealing with strong tugs on the heart. Sometimes people think that if a decision is painful, it must be wrong. However, this is not often the truth. Difficult decisions are often painful.

Our counselors are ready and willing to help you work through your decision-making process. We do this without applying pressure to you. We are here to help you make the decision that is right for you and your situation. We encourage you to give us a call.

Why Choose AGAPE?

We've been helping women with unplanned pregnancies since 1970.  We provide loving help and caring support.  Ours is a non-profit, heart-centered, Christian-mission where to manifest the love of God in all we do is our highest priority.  Here you will find experienced professionals who will listen, answer your questions, and help you do what you choose to do.

We want what you want: what's best for you and your baby.

Give us a call at 770-452-9995. May God bless you in all your decisions ahead.