Quality counseling does not have to be cost prohibitive.  As a mission-centered organization, we have structured our counseling program to provide quality and affordable counseling.  The quality comes in the professional qualifications of the therapist:  their training, experience and licenses.  The affordability comes in the way the program is funded. 

We don’t rely solely on the fees generated to support our counseling program. We combine our fees with an appeal for charitable support.  That relates to the Christian love and compassion our supporters have for those struggling in life.  Because we receive donations, we can offer a sliding scale as the basis for our counseling fees.  That means that our fees are based on the income of a family.  The fee scale “slides” up as the family has a higher income level.  Our full fee is what is considered usual and customary for this work.

Call the Agape offices to learn what would be your fee for counseling.

Hours of Operation:
Daytime - Monday through Friday:
8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Evening - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:
until 9 p.m.

Counseling Fees:
Although our customary fees for professional counseling are $125 an hour, we offer reduced fees based on a sliding scale, taking into consideration family income. Our fees run from $30 to $125 an hour. We do accept some insurance plans.


To make an appointment or to talk to one of our licensed counselors, call


Our Director Of Counseling

John M. McLain, LMFT, is our Director of Counseling and our main therapist. He has many years of experience and has helped many individuals and families. He is an "Approved Supervisor" by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, helping other therapists. He is a certified facilitator for the "Prepare-Enrich" pre-marital assessment. He is married and has six children, three of which are adopted. John has had a wide variety of personal experiences, including being in foster care as a child. He understands how difficult life can be at times.


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