Thoughts From Our Birth Mothers

The following are statements from birth mothers who’ve worked with Georgia Agape.


"I want to thank you for always being there and listening to me when I needed someone the most. When it seemed like everyone I knew turned against me, you did not! I really want to thank you for that! God bless you.”
Birth mother, age 20


“Thank you for being there when I was all alone. Thank you for giving a baby girl a wonderful home. Thank you for helping when I was in need. Thank you for helping break the chain of destruction, planting a brand new seed.”
Birth mother, age 22

“I can’t begin to express my gratitude and thanks for all you’ve done for me and for your empathy and support when I desperately needed it. You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. I know God destined us to meet. I couldn’t have gotten through this without you.”
Birth mother, age 19

“Thank you for continuing to keep in touch and I apologize for not doing the same. I received the letters and picture of my son. I know I made the right decision (which is evident by the updates I have received.) I also want to say thank you to my son’s parents for the love they have for him. That is something that really taught me about love and I am a better person because of that lesson.”
Birth mother, age 22

“You were the only person there for me. I could not have gotten through this without you. I thought of you as a friend. Thank you for helping me.”
Birth mother, age 21

“Thank you for helping me make a good decision for my family. I didn’t realize that I could do it (parent) until you helped me look at my options."
Birth mother, age 26